In the spirit of the Yom Kippur tradition of confessing your sins, I’ve started to think about all the things I’m NOT doing to prepare for the NYC Marathon. I started thinking about this recently as I was listening to a running podcast (another mother runner podcast, for those who are curious). They were talking about sports books, both fiction and non-fiction. One of their favorite books is by the famous runner Kathrine Switzer who was the first female runner in the Boston Marathon. Her books is called, Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports. My first confession, of course, is that I haven’t actually read the book. I want to read it but it’s not available in a e-book format and this creates an obstacle to large for me to overcome. At least to date. The podcasters were talking about the sacrifices that Kathrine made while training for a sub-3 hour marathon. Since I’m having trouble imagining a sub-5 hour marathon, I am clearly not in her league. As they read an excerpt from the book, Kathrine was talking about giving up drinking alcohol and going out with friends to maximize her marathon training. While I’m certainly not a heavy drinker, I can’t say I’ve given up my occasional glass of wine or beer during this training season.
I started thinking about other things I could (or should) do better to prepare for the marathon. While I was doing a great job of counting calories for a while, I’ve totally given it up. We went on vacation the last week of August and I just couldn’t be bothered to count calories while on vacation. And I haven’t bothered to count them since. While I haven’t gained net weight during this training cycle, I have gained back any weight I lost. Which means I’m still 10 lbs heavier than I should be (maybe 15 lbs heavier than ideal training weight). I really should go back to watching calories….
I was also doing a much better job of cross-training earlier in the training cycle. I even started doing a plank-a-day schedule for about a week or so. I don’t remember my last plank. My only cross-training recently has been the occasional tae kwon do class. Which does involve jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups. But I haven’t gone consistently enough to be of major benefit. Another area where I can improve.
I was super consistent with my 3 day/week training schedule for the summer. Until the week before vacation. I started with overdoing a speed work session one weekend which left me a bit sore. That combined with a 60 hour work week and vacation packing really destroyed my running schedule. I did run a few times while on vacation but still missed about 3 hours. If you’re running 5-6 days per week, you can get away with missing 2-3 runs over a 2 week period. If you run 3 days a week, missing 3 runs in 2 weeks is a bit of a problem. I did manage a 21 miler (I was scheduled for 23 miles) right after vacation and I’m trying to get back into my running groove.
Although my various running sins will certainly impact my pace at the NYC Marathon, they shouldn’t affect my ability to finish. I’ve run 18 miles and 21 miles already. I have at least 2 more 20+ mile runs on the schedule before race day. In approximately 7 weeks I intend to cross the finish line of my 3rd full marathon (and 1st NYC Marathon).