New York Road Runners posted on their Facebook page today that the ING NYC Marathon is 45 days away. In 45 days I will be starting a journey of 26.2 miles from Staten Island to Central Park. Although truly the journey began 5 months ago when I registered for the race. The marathon is really the 6+ months of training – 5:30am (or earlier) alarm clocks going off for countless training runs. And in my case dozens and dozens of Facebook posts and emails asking family and friends to donate money to Team for Kids in my name and in the memory of my mother.
So where exactly am I with my training? And what do have to accomplish in the next 45 days to be ready to cross that starting line – and several hours later cross the finish line.
The Good:
I’m already completed a 17.6 miler, 20 miler, and 21 miler. Not all were very good runs but they are all in the books. (And, more importantly, in my legs.) Since starting e-coaching with Jeff Galloway I have run over 262 miles in preparation. I’ve had no major injuries or illnesses during that time. And I can honestly say that I think I could cross the finish line tomorrow if necessary. It wouldn’t be pretty but I would finish.

The Bad:
My left foot is bothering me. In the location where I had a 5th metatarsal stress fracture last December. I can’t say that it is painful but I am aware of a specific spot that feels “not quite right.” It doesn’t hurt more when I run. In fact, I almost think it bothers me less when I’m running in my Hokas than when I’m wearing regular shoes. But it’s there and I’m worried about it.
Although I’ve finished some monster long runs, 2 of 3 were not very good. My 21 miler was supposed to be 23 miles but it was hot and humid and I started off dehydrated and tired. I made it 21 miles but never felt great. The 17.6 mile run was another hot, humid disaster where I walked the last 3.5 miles. The 20 miler was actually a good run and I started earlier than the other 2 before the heat of day was in full force.

The Ugly:
Problem #1 is my crazy travel schedule. I missed a few runs during the week leading up to our Disney trip. I’m currently on an airplane heading to Vegas for a medical conference. This weekend is supposed to be a 20+ miler. Obviously that won’t happen when the conference starts really early each morning. I’m hoping to stay well-hydrated all weekend and avoid being dragged out late at night (the power of NO) so I can run the long one on Monday morning when I’m back in NY. Of course I land at 8:30pm on Sunday night so that’ll be an adventure…. Then I go to London next month for my niece’s baptism and get to run another 20+ mile run in Hyde Park. At least I’m traveling alone so I can nap after that one….
Problem #2 is that I’ve had some dips in motivation recently. I *think* there were related to post-vacation exhaustion (try taking 3 kids to Disney and you’ll understand) and the heat wave around Labor Day. Plus the madness of the fall Jewish Holidays which were extra early this year. This week has been much better in terms of motivation (although the generous donations I received this week also helped since I feel like I owe it to my supporters to be well-trained for this race). The weather was ideal for running and I’m much less exhausted (until this Vegas trip….).

Overall I feel that I’m track to finish the NYC Marathon with a huge PR. My Magic Mile predicts about a 5 hour marathon at this point. Even a 5:15 or 5:30 marathon would be a PR for me. Hopefully I stay injury-free, motivated, and ready to run in 45 more days!