Since I finished NYC on November 3rd, I seem to have lost all motivation to train.  In my brain I want to run a faster time at Disney in January but in my heart I want to rest up and sleep in.  Needless to say my training has been less than stellar over the past few weeks…

I’m usually an early morning runner.  Since daylight savings time has ended, 5:30 am is pitch black still.  Not only is it dead-of-night dark, but it’s COLD.  I love running in 45F but 32F? No thanks.  Cold and dark and early.  Ugh.

The few runs that I’ve managed to finish have almost all been on the treadmill.  I’ve gone for months without using my treadmill a single time.  Now it’s seems to be the only place I’m running.  I know that most people find that they run slower outside than on a treadmill.  I tend to be the opposite.  I think I end up setting the treadmill too slow and my treadmill runs seem to be slower than my outdoor runs.  For long runs this may be a good thing since Jeff Galloway wants us to go 2 min/mile slower than race pace.  But for shorter runs where I should be working on speed or hills, this is not so good.  And I know I *could* do hill training or even speed work on the treadmill but….I’ll just say “yuck” to that.

I think another problem for me is that work and life have both gotten incredibly busy since November started.  Last week was horribly over-scheduled.  Wednesday night was a black-tie event, Thursday was a going away dinner for 2 work friends, and Saturday was a bat mitzvah followed by a 40th birthday party (after I spent 4 hours at work on Saturday morning!).  This week I’m on-call which is always a wild card.  Plus my husband is in Baltimore for work until Saturday night (thank God for an awesome nanny!).  And then we leave for Hawaii on Sunday morning.  I’m going crazy trying to finish up all of my paperwork and pack for a family of 5 before we leave on Sunday morning.  I’m so exhausted from staying up late to finish up the stuff that needs to get done THIS WEEK and then it’s hard to get up at 5:30 to run in the cold and dark (did I mention it’s really cold and dark in the morning these days?). (As a side note: trying to get 3 new iPad minis ready – in secret – for a 12 hour flight to Hawaii is super time-consuming and causes one to stay up very, very late!)

I’ve managed my long runs on the past 2 weekends (4 miles and 6 miles).  This weekend I’m scheduled for 26 miles.  After some discussion with my husband where my choices were 26 miles on the treadmill on Saturday morning while “babysitting” for my children or waiting until Monday and running 26 miles in Hawaii… I’ll let you guess the plan.  I missed this morning’s run to snuggle with my children this morning and spend time with my husband before his work trip but I will run tomorrow.  It still puts me one run short for the week but I’m going to give myself a pass. Maybe I’ll try to run a little further tomorrow (although it’ll have to be treadmill because I’m a single mom right now).  This weekend is a wash – Saturday is insanely busy and I’m spending 12+ hours flying on Sunday. Monday will be my long run and then I’ll get out again Wednesday, Friday, and maybe Sunday before we fly home. 

I wish I had more excitement about running right now.  When I’m actually running I seem to enjoy it but it’s hard to myself to start. I know that Jeff Galloway says to just trick yourself into starting and then you’ll go.  I need to trick myself into getting out of bed early enough to run before work!