On November 6th I had the pleasure of running the NYC Marathon with almost 52,000 of my closest friends… Or at least for the 26.2 miles of the race everyone seemed pretty awesome!

After months of pretty good training, my training for the last month before the race wasn’t good at all. Life got in the way and, since I’ve never earned a single dollar for my family by running, life took priority over training. Rich and I decided that we would make this race about enjoying the moment and not about running quickly. We were fortunate to be able to run with our dear friend, Michael, who is not only fun person but also raised an enormous amount of money for St. Jude – a cause near and dear to his heart.


We were able to make this a marathon weekend, even in our home city. Friday after work we went to the Expo to pick up our race bibs.

We didn’t only Run 4 Rich…. We ran WITH Rich!

img_6444An artist at work!

Saturday we did an amazing bus tour of the marathon course. We sat next to the tour guide  who makes a living from leading tours around NYC. He was knowledgeable and fun. The tour was LONG – about 4 hours or so – but made the marathon more interesting and fun. We ended the day with a yummy pasta dinner near Time Square before heading home to prep our stuff.

Flat Rich and Flat Amanda are ready for an EARLY alarm! We drove into NYC and parked near Michael’s hotel before heading up to Central Park South to take the bus to Staten Island. We hung out in the starting village until it was our turn to head to the Verrazano Bridge. It’s hard to imagine the hordes of humanity!


Getting ready to start!

img_6467The highest point in the race is on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

We spent a lot of time in Brooklyn and that’s a good thing. The crowds in Brooklyn are great! There are so many interesting neighborhoods from Bay Ridge –  which still has large Irish, Italian, and Greek populations – to the Satmar Jewish neighborhood in Williamsburg. We crossed under the Williamsburg Bridge and entered the hipster part of Williamsburg.

img_6465Almost at the 15k mark…

img_6466On our bus tour we were toward the building behind us was once called the Tower of Terror because it was filled with dentists


Missing many of our running friends!

img_6464Halfway done!

img_6462I had warned Rich and Michael that the 59th Street Bridge sucked and I think they now believe me!!!!


img_64601st Avenue in Manhattan is AMAZING for crowd support. And you can always grab a drink at the Mile 17 Bar (which isn’t quite at mile 17 but close enough!).

img_6456My AWESOME resident, Laura, with her husband and nieces were cheering for us just as we were hitting the wall. Totally energized me!

img_6459Leaving the Bronx to re-enter Manhattan. This is the last DAMN bridge of the race!

img_6458We had to get a picture with Alexander Hamilton….The hottest ticket in town!

img_6457Full marathon #7 for me and #10 for Rich. Not my fastest but one of my favorites. It was such a different experience running this with friends and taking the time to really appreciate every moment. Such a privilege to be able to do this!!!!!

Thank you to all my family and friends who donated money to the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore! And thank you for all of the love and support during the training and the race. I am truly blessed to be part of this running community.