I survived week one of training. I successfully completed 3 of my 4 training runs. My plan called for 2 miles on Tues, 4 miles on Wed, 3 miles on Fri, and 4 miles on Sun. All were supposed to be slow – 12 min/mile pace. I had a light day at work on Tuesday so I started with the 4 miler and then did the 2 miler on Wednesday morning. The weather has warmed up considerably and I struggled with the pace on Tuesday when I ran outdoors mid-morning. The 2 miles were done on a treadmill and I added some extra walking to get my total work-out time up to 30 minutes. I didn’t get up early enough to run on Friday and then I got called into work at midnight Friday night. I got home at 3am which meant my Saturday morning long run involved a lot of walking. While I didn’t hit my pace, I did get the miles done. Sunday we spent an hour walking around Untermeyer Garden in Yonkers. It was beautiful and a good way to get an extra (almost) 2 miles of walking.

(Rich standing in the “Temple of Love and some of the beautiful tulips we saw.)

I did a good job with my eating for most of the week although I may have splurged a bit over the weekend. We were back at Yankee Stadium with Zachary (age 10) on Friday night and being overtired is never good for making healthy choices. At my lowest I was down 2% of my body weight but by Monday morning I was “only” down 1.7%. I’m still happy with that number and *spoiler alert* I’m down more already. For me the most important aspect is consistently making good choices even when tempted to overeat. I’m allowed to indulge but I want to balance that by eating less at other meals. I’m optimistic that I can reach my goal of 4% in 4 weeks.

My goals for this week are to finish at least 3 of the 4 training runs and try to reach my step counts on non-running days. I want to continue my weight loss journey and to make healthy choices over Mother’s Day weekend. I need to work on heat acclimation with my running because my paces have been off and I need to continue base-building so I’m ready to add speed work in the upcoming weeks. I’ve also started an online course called “The Science of Well-Being” and I’m trying to keep up with the weekly exercises. This week’s focus is on savoring and gratitude. Savoring is the act of stepping outside an experience to review and appreciate it. Gratitude is recognizing and appreciating what you have. I’ve been savoring the lovely weather we’re having and I’m grateful that I can get outside and run several days per week!