This week I start adding tempo runs and speed work to my 5k training. It’s also the point in my training where I’m starting to have doubts about my ability to achieve my goal.

Last week I finished 3 of my 4 training runs and added a 15 minute walk on a non-running day. My easy 2 miler was at 12:25 min/mile pace and my 4 miler was at 13 min/mile pace. The target pace was 12 min/mile for both of these. On Mother’s Day morning I nailed a 5 miler at 12:04 min/mile. Certainly close enough to my target. For that run I used a combination of run/walk/run and heart rate training. I set my interval timer for 30 sec intervals. At each beep I checked my heart rate zone. If I was still in Zone 2 or lower, I ran another interval. If I was in Zone 3 or higher, I walked the next interval. Except on the steep uphill climb home, I never took an extra walk break. This seemed to work pretty well.

I am worried that I’m having trouble hitting my target paces while staying in Zone 2. These easy runs *should* be easy and they aren’t always. I’ve done some of my runs after being at work all day so I’m sure that has an impact and I also know that the warmer weather will require some acclimation. But it’s still frustrating! This week I need to add some 10 min/mile tempo runs and I’m really worried about hitting those goals.

As of Monday my weight was down by 2.3%. In the same way that I’m doubting my ability to hit my target paces, I’m also worried about hitting my weight loss goal. I have one week left to lose 4% of my starting weight. At this point that means that I have to lose 1.7% of my body weight in one week. To add to the challenge, I’m traveling to San Francisco on Thursday for a work conference. I know there will be many high calorie temptations during this trip. I’m going to try my best to eat healthy and get exercise on the trip so I hit my goals but…I’m not sure.

Overall I’m proud of my progress even if I’m not sure that I’m going to meet my goals. Having goals that are challenging can be discouraging or motivating. I need to find a way to keep my goals motivating so I don’t give up.