Despite my delinquency in blogging, I did actually run the 1st of the 2 Corporate Cup races this summer at SUNY Purchase. The race took place on June 27th and started at 6:30pm. I had worked in the office all day and I wasn’t sure how I’d handle an evening race. I had time to stop at home after work before heading to Purchase. Rich decided not to run but was certainly a good cheerleader.


(Not the most flattering picture of me but the best of the pre-race photos.)

The race had about 100 people entered and was well-organized and everyone was super nice. They had a DJ there and offered a pre-race stretch. The race started on time and, although there was chip-timing, the only timing mat I saw was the finish line.

We started about 0.1 mile from the finish line and the first thing I noticed was that it was straight uphill from the starting line. The start was pretty informal and, if I really cared about my time, I should have started closer to the front given that there was no timing mat for the start. The uphill lasted about 0.25 miles before turning into a long downhill that lasted a least a mile.


(Free official race photo! I’m smiling!)

The water stops were manned by some friendly volunteers who were part of the charity Hope Community Services. All proceeds from the race went to Hope, a charity dedicated to feeding hungry people and providing homeless services in Westchester County.

I was feeling really good about my race during the long downhill….until I reached the mile 2 water stop. Ahead of me was an equally long uphill. While there was another downhill dip, the last mile or so of the race was primarily uphill. Including the uphill to the finish that I noticed as we started.


Rich was waiting at the finish line and got a few good photos.


My official time was 33:45. I actually placed 6th in my division (women over 40) and if I had made my initial time goal of sub-30 minutes, I would have won an award!

Post-race they had food and bottles of Sportwater – electrolyte enhanced water. There were 5 foot heroes (subs? whatever you can them?) and you could choose the traditional Italian or a vegetarian option. They also have Rita’s Italian ices (YUM!). As soon as I finished my huge slice of sandwich and started on my Italian ice, the skies opened up and we decided to head home.

This was a really fun event. Well organized and enjoyable. The course wasn’t easy but was fun. I would definitely run at SUNY Purchase again because it’s so convenient to home. I’m signed up for the August 2nd race already but I could do this event every year. I also want to see what other 5ks are available here because it’s a nice venue and close to home.

I learned a lot from my training. I’ve been using the Runner’s World sub-30 minute 5k plan. Although a few years ago I was ready to run a sub-30 min 5k, right now I’m not quite there. The training paces were too fast for me – especially in the summer heat – and I need to get into better shape first. Garmin Connect has started a 5k coaching program and based on my current level of fitness is recommending a plan for a 31:30 5k. I started last week and it seems more manageable right now. I won’t be ready for the August 2nd race in terms of time goal but maybe I’ll find a fall 5k to try to get faster.