One of my running goals for this year was to run a sub-30 minute 5k. I purchased and used a Runner’s World training plan specifically for a sub-30 minute 5k and I quickly found that I couldn’t maintain the training paces that I was being asked to run. It was very apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to achieve my goal right away but I signed up for two 5ks at SUNY Purchase this summer anyway.

The first race was the subject of a previous blog post. It was in the evening on 6/27 with temperatures around 70F despite high humidity (torrential downpours started after I finished). After I finished that race, I realized that I need a new training plan that was more consistent with my current abilities. Around that time Garmin started a new 5k coaching program and I signed up for the Jeff Galloway training plan.

Garmin used my user data to suggest a 31:30 goal for a 5k. Although this is clearly slower than the 30 min race I was hoping to achieve, I think it’s more realistic. I ran my 2nd 5k during the early weeks of my training plan with low mileage and no speed work. Race day was HOT and humid with race temperatures around 85F. Not surprisingly my finish time was slower than the first race – 37:07.

I have just finished week 8 of my 13 week training plan. I don’t have another goal race on the calendar but the schedule keeps me going. I’m a little frustrated that my 2nd magic mile was about the same pace as the first but I missed about a week of training while on family vacation. Next week’s training includes speed repeats and a long run of 6 miles so that should help me get faster. My Garmin Coach still thinks I’m on target to achieve my goal timeĀ IMG_8983

(See, the confidence bar is still in the green zone. I’d like it closer to the pink but I’ll keep working at it.)

I’ve generally been more consistent with this plan than I have been in a few years. I would still like to lose a few more pounds and drink more water (maybe those 2 go together?). Rich and I are thinking about a November 10k race but I might look at a fall 5k in addition…

Admitting to myself that I haven’t been a consistent runner for a few years and I need to do better if I want to achieve my goals is hard. But it’s good because it’s forced me to face reality and make better goals for myself.