I will admit that my training has been a bit off since my 20 miler two weeks ago. The day following that training run was my 48th birthday and it didn’t exactly go as planned. That whole week was crazy busy from kid drama (anyone with teens or tweens should be feeling my pain), to school meetings (the 2 minute long parent-teacher conferences at the high school require parent volunteers to keep the teachers on schedule), to work craziness, to multiple attempts to have a successful birthday dinner. Even the weekend was busy for the kids and their adult chauffeurs.  Birthday party, Hebrew School dinner, lacrosse try-outs, bat mitzvah, more Hebrew School, and lacrosse tournament. That’s not counting homework…. This meant that my training sucked. And for the first time this cycle, I actually missed a weekend long run (it was luckily a 5 miler so not a complete disaster). Needless to say, this inevitably impacted my mood.

Even this past week my training wasn’t great. The stress of the previous week left me feeling rundown and exhausted. My work schedule was different from usual which threw off my schedule. And I just started to feel down and unmotivated. Not a great place to be with the long runs getting longer and race day getting nearer. Some of this is related to seasonal changes and some of it is just a reaction to stress but it makes it easy to find excuses and hard to figure out how to work around a busy schedule.

I managed 2 week day runs last week. They were Monday and Friday so not ideal but the best I could do with my schedule. These were “get it done” runs with no effort to follow the specifics of my plan. Saturday I was supposed to do 5 miles with a magic mile but wasn’t feel great. I skipped the magic mile but got 5 decent miles done. Not perfect but better than the previous week.  And today I snuck in a run after giving an early morning lecture. Trying to get back on track. The weekend was enjoyable with plenty of needed down time and an effort to reset the system. I’ll see how much that renewal carries me through this week when I’m on call.

Surprisingly, I haven’t gained back any weight during these off-weeks. I was worried that several celebration meals out with decreased physical activity would lead to some unwanted pounds. I was actually afraid to step on the scale last week as I was worried that all of my exercise and healthy eating would have been lost in my 2 weeks of slacking off. So I was pleased to see that things are holding steady. I’m not expecting to lose a lot before the marathon but it would be nice to keep off the pounds that I worked so hard to lose. The real victory is when I wearing clothes that were uncomfortably tight earlier this year and now they fit well and look flattering.

My  goal for the upcoming weeks is to get back into my groove – both from an exercise perspective and an attitude readjustment. Sometimes training is more about mind over matter and I think that’s where I am right now. I think forcing myself to get my runs done will help improved my mood. That may be a more effective approach than trying to change my attitude and hoping the training follows. This weekend is another 5 miles so I get another easy week before going super long again.